¬°Hola! estimado lector,

May I introduce myself: my name is Carina Braun, studied History of Art, worked over 20 years in the international advertising business and living in the Netherlands (Amsterdam). Multi-lingual education: Dutch, German, English, Spanish, Italian and a bit of French. My key qualities are: professional, dedicated, passionate, a go-getter, trustworthy, a problem-solver, I believe in personal attention and enthusiasm, always going the extra 'two miles' for my clients!

Some time ago a couple of friends and acquaintances asked me for advise as they wanted to buy property in the south of Spain. They were the ones who encouraged me to use my knowledge and enthusiasm to start a business. And Casa-Carina was born!

But most important: I have been in your shoes!
From my own experience of buying several properties and renting out our beautiful beach front (first line) villa in Marbella for years, I know that the Spanish buying process is different than it is at home. I can help and support you to remove the burden of dealing with all the issues involved, to avoid the Spanish hassle and pitfalls and offer complete guidance throughout all the necessary steps. Casa-Carina concentrates on the residential market on the Costa del Sol, between Malaga and Marbella.

I am your personal, fully independent intermediary who will set up your personal tailor-made team of professionals, such as a broker, lawyer, etc. To be clear, I'm not a broker, lawyer or notary. But I work with a selected group of these professionals, I know what they do, they are trustworthy, I know when you need their professionalism, your interests are their interests. Important is the fact that not every professional suits a client. Casa-Carina therefor selects the right persons for you. I will be your personal point of contact throughout the process: safe, clear and direct. But the advise doesn't stop with the new keys of your property. Casa-Carina can also assist you beyond that e.g. with: insurances, taxes, rentals & property management, interior design, etc. Just want advice for a specific part of the purchase process? In consultation I can also advise on specific sections.

Feel free to contact me.

Con saludos cordiales,

Carina Braun


  1. Casa-Carina is your personal, fully independent purchase advisor for your Spanish casa
  2. assists you throughout the purchase process from A-Z and beyond
  3. provides your tailor-made team of professionals
  4. works fully independent from all parties involved (broker, lawyer, etc.)
  5. your professional personal point of contact throughout the process
  6. knows the way in the Spanish property market, which is not transparent and works differently than at home
  7. the right house for the most competitive price
  8. believes in personal, dedicated attention and enthusiasm
  9. also assists with after sales matters
  10. offers you the best service you deserve

Casa-Carina will take care of all matters and help you with the purchase of your dream property!


Please find hereunder how Casa-Carina works. You decide if you want to be assisted throughout the whole purchase process and beyond or just for specific stages.

  1. composing the client's wish list: the foundation
    The first step in the process, the wish list is, in my view, the basis for finding the right property, which is right for you and fits your requirements based on your lifestyle, attitude to life, needs, preferences, etc. Personal contact is crucial to discuss the criteria, possibilities, your expectations of Casa-Carina, etc. And to determine whether you would like to be advised and guided throughout the entire purchase process, or only a part of it.
  2. summary report with cost estimate and approval client
  3. selection of tailor-made broker
  4. briefing to be discussed with selected broker
  5. start property search process
  6. presentation of short list of potential properties
  7. selection of final preferences
  8. organization of the inspection trip to Spain (2-3 days)

  1. selection of your ideal apartment or house
  2. selection tailor-made lawyer, notary, (Spanish) bank
  3. managing all parties involved
  4. application for a suitable mortgage (if needed)
  5. the purchase: signing the official documents at the notary
  6. assistance with administration, insurances, etc.
  7. receipt of the key of your Spanish casa
  8. advise in after-sales matters

And finally: enjoy your new Spanish life!

Casa-Carina: the purchase advisor for your spanish casa