Once you have decided to buy the house of your dreams several professionals are needed, such as an advisor, a broker, lawyer, notary, etc. Casa-Carina provides you with a selected tailor-made team of professionals which suits you best, as not every professional is right for you. Note: Without the help of professionals you may run a high risk of making mistakes: unknown territory, language barrier, hidden pitfalls, special Spanish law, unknown rules, etc., which may haunt you for a long time.


A basic rule is that you should always add a certain percentage on top of the sale price to cover all your additional costs such as: transfer tax, lawyer's fee, notary's fee, registration fee, commission for the broker, etc. These additional costs exclude the costs of Casa-Carina:
- approximately 11% on top of the sale price of the property
- in case of a mortgage you should add approximately 12% on top of the selling price
- transfer taxes/resale properties: in 2012 Spain introduced price tiers on the transfer tax of resale properties
- transfer taxes/new properties: with newly build properties one does not speak about transfer taxes anymore, but about VAT or Spanish I.V.A.


"Nothing is certain but death and taxes" by Daniel Defoe says nothing but the truth and also in Spain taxes are due.

  • the Spanish tax authorities distinguish between a tax resident and a non-tax resident
  • in 2012, Spain introduced a progressive transfer tax system
  • payable: income tax, special capital gains tax, property taxes, municipal Plusvalia, IVA (= VAT) on new properties, transfer tax (ITP)
  • in case rental of the property income tax on the rental income must be paid

  • The tax authorities is one of the few administrations that does work well in Spain. Previously, the payment of this tax was never checked, but this is now no longer the case. The tax authorities have four years to send you a tax bill with a 20% surcharge on top of this the statutory rate.

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