Research has shown that the country where frequent holidays are held usually also becomes the location for a second home. The Costa del Sol is a very popular region for people who own a second home. The obvious purposes of use are for:

- own holidays

- rental

- investment
- semi-living / wintering
- retirement / emigration

At the beginning of your search, it is very important to determine a few things,
such as:

- what kind of property are you looking for: an apartment, finca, townhouse, villa
or penthouse
- new property or resale property

- in which environment: on the coast, at a marina, golf course, in the city, in the
country, etc.

- what is the purpose of your Spanish casa

With each option your property has to fit in with the relevant criteria. For example, if you are a golf fanatic it is not advisable to buy a house next to a tennis court or far from the golf courses, but choose a golf resort! If you do not want to spend much time on maintenance and safety of your second home, then an apartment in a gated resort is more suitable than a detached villa. If you buy a property for letting, the interior will have to be chosen differently than if it is bought for yourself. It sounds so simple, but the practice often shows the opposite .... and then it's too late.
Buying a home can be realized quickly, but buying the right property in the right environment for the most competitive price is the challenge.

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